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Free Online PokiesSince the childhood, I have been very fond of the lavish blue water of the sea, as I have heard many stories of adventurous voyages to the deep sea of Caribbean and more from my grandfather. Because of this link to the oceans, I decided to explore the deep sea of other countries other than New Zealand. So I called a tour agency to book the trip and they also made all the assurance to be safe with the sharks, crabs, octopus and other wild sea animals around.

I planned to travel with a guy from office because he had family friends living at our destination. And he got his another cousin included on the trip. Actually, he was kind of an interesting guy made me aware of some great stuff that is getting pretty popular in New Zealand called the online casino slot.

During the flight, when he was busy with phone and was not talking pretty much to us, I got curious and finally asked him that what it that has kept him so busy. So he replied that since we are going on a sea voyage I am playing this game based on the very theme of exploring the underwater.

Free Online PokiesAs he took the name of exploring underwater I instantly get curious into it and insisted him to show me how this stuff work. The game he was playing at that time called octopus. It is a five reel non-progressive online video slot from Microgaming. The game theme gonna take you under the deep sea where crabs and other sea creatures will amaze you with the beauty that has been by very few even virtually.

I played and enjoyed the game pretty much and I think the reason behind that was the very exotic theme of the pokie and I would love to play it again if got a chance. It’s not really hard to find real money pokies to play online, I thought if I will be offered with no deposit bonus then I will certainly go for it to win some real money that can cover some luxury expenses of mine and I also tried a game of poker too later.

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Pharaoh’s Tomb: One of the Best 3D Slot

Pharaoh’s TombToday I am going to talk about this new slot game launched by the sheriff gaming. In the class of 3d game’s the manufacturer has taken care of the uniqueness of each pokies. Among the other 3d machines that made by this company, this one has an Egyptian theme that will take you the Arabian desert with the pyramids in between.

When I heard about this game first I thought that it would be modern themed one but when I played it first, it comes out to be based on the classic theme but with all the 3d graphics and amazing music in the background that gave you the complete feel of roaming in the desert. The game graphic seems to be broken somewhere to give you the glimpse of an intact heritage of the pyramid’s structure.

Pharaoh’s TombWhen I got to play it first, I reviewed it first online to check the rating and overview and how much others have appreciated the game. And I found out that some have reviewed it nice and some said that it’s a cliché.

Personally, In my prospect, I liked it all because of the special theme and decent payout it offers. Being an independent game on the reels it’s highly customizable which is the reason why most played have like the machine. It also offers free spins along with the wild and scatters symbol. That made my eyes wide open when I first read about it. So overall it’s an amazing game with lots of there to win along with fun.

Play Online Pokies for Free Without Download and Win Free Spins

Online PokiesHow will you define the word luck? I think every person in the whole world defines luck as the thing it that will be with you then nothing wrong will happen with you at any point. Wherever you go, whatever you do you will succeed in everything, you will not fail at any point. And if you are the one who plays in the gambling industry then you need luck as your best friend. In every dictionary related to casinos, luck got the holiest place. You need luck at every point of your life but in this you need more than everything. If luck is with you on that day then you can become a millionaire in a single day but if you are nil with that then you can become bankrupt in the same time. I am a believer in luck from the day on which I became a professional pokie player, but my belief was strengthened by an incident which happened with me.

Online PokiesThat story was of my starting stages as a professional player. I was trying my hands on lots of websites because I want to groom more and more. So, one day I was checking for some games on Roxy Palace. I was trying many slots present on that site. In that process, I got a progressive slot named as Lotsaloot. On first look, I rejected it and not give too much preference from it. But as I read that this one consists of a very big Jackpot amount. It was providing very hefty cash as the jackpot amount only bating the span of 25 coins. So, I thought that there is not an issue in trying it may be I became an owner of that hefty cash. I already had lots of coins in my wallets which I won in various games. I was aware of the playing rules so directly I started playing. The winning condition was simple as others. You have to get the winning combination. As the reels stopped after my first bet I became happy because I won that bet. After playing 2-3 bets and winning those, I decided to go for the maximum bet of 25 coins. In that process, my eyes were on the jackpot cash counter running on the side of it. I won that one also and because I made a bet of maximum coins, I was qualified for the jackpot chance. I played that chance and I jumped in joy because now I was the winner of that hefty amount. I won 3.5 million dollars. I was happy for my decision of playing it. I was thinking that there was luck with me on that day that’s why I won such a hefty amount. From that my belief on luck becomes stronger.

Then i decided to check out & play best online pokies, because now i was confident enough to play with the real money and to buy credits i used my Paypal account and played games like where’s the gold and some other that were offering so much to win and enjoy.

Private Eye: Be the Real Detective

Private EyeI have always aspired to be a detective but unfortunately turned out to be an engineer. Anyways I have made my wish complete by playing mission video games in which you got to be solve puzzles and riddles in order to get to the new level. i was inclined in to these kind of stuff since my childhood as my father once presented me this toolkit of an detective on my birthday, which got the comics called the private eyes with all the detective accessories like hat, overcoat, old fashioned pistols, cameras and all.

I really adored this thing and taken good care of them even I was just 9 years old. The comic and the movie I mention above was really has become rage at that time. All have been talking about the adventurous journey of the comic character.

Private EyeSo I was going through online previous days and got this slot game based on the very theme. The creator of the game has made total justice carrying on the classic theme of the era of 90’s. The game got around with all the classic pistols, old cars, bags of Cash and old Whisky. And there will be a role of the redhead girls as you must have seen in the movies. The game has been advertised with the best features and made the game a hit overnight.

Private Eye is a 243 ways to win slot game that also got the free spin as its major feature additionally the graphics and the sound of the game also goes perfectly with the theme of the game. And it can be played in both versions offline and online. If you want to play it online you can easily download the app from the store or from the vendor’s website easily.

Pub Fruity: One of The most played Fruit Machine

Pub FruityWhen it comes to online gambling I prefer the fruit machine over the other slots. As someone wise has said a very famous quote “keep it simple silly”. Unlike other slots playing with the fruits ones is pretty simple and additionally you can also make good money as well.

One of the games that are in rage these days is the pub fruity. Since it a fruit slot then you may find some easily known reel symbols when you play on the reels as symbols are being scattered all over the industry. When you play this game you got yourself sure chances of winning the free spins if you land on the first bonus feature while playing on the trial.

Pub FruityWhen I first played on this online slot, I didn’t bother to read the reviews and make it download on my mobile phone as soon as I heard about. It was launched in the year 2007. Since then it has been one of the most adored fruit slot by the players. Instead of pick to win feature it got the stoppa win feature which is pretty much similar to pick to win one. And when it’s come to gamble game this particular pokie doesn’t offer many other bonus type features including some Cocktail Shaker game and dart throwing themes of games.

Overall I liked the game pretty much and after playing I get to know about that how it was one of the most played fruit machines of all time. I conquered that it’s playing style and the Bonus Trail feature played the most significant role in the success of this game.